Arthur Warshaw


Arthur H. Warshaw has been part of the North Castle team since 2001. As a successful business operator for more than 50 years and a master of organizational assessment, Arthur is known for his extreme pragmatism and his ability to quickly understand and turn around businesses by efficiently identifying, prioritizing, and addressing key issues. In 1977, after 20 years of building, running and selling smaller businesses, Arthur joined apparel company Warnaco, Inc.  As a member of Warnaco’s four-person management team, he led the development and implementation of an aggressive recovery plan that built Warnaco into an industry giant. Two years after retiring from Warnaco, Arthur started his own advisory business focused on redirecting financial, operational and strategic activities for clients in a diverse cross-section of industries. In 1997, Arthur assumed operating control of The Moorings, a high-end sailboat chartering company in need of a financial, organizational, and operating overhaul. Under his leadership, The Moorings saw tremendous growth in profit and market share as a result of extensive repositioning in organization, fleet, base locations, and global presence. The Moorings was subsequently acquired by GEI, a North Castle portfolio company, in June 2001. In July 2002, Arthur became a North Castle Operating Advisor and served in several CEO and Chairman of the Board roles during his tenure, including Chairman and CEO of GEI, which was later sold to a UK travel conglomerate (First Choice Holidays PLC); CEO and Chairman of the Board of Naked Juice, where he implemented a comprehensive restructuring of the business, leading to the sale of Naked Juice to PepsiCo; and Chairman of the Board of Red Door Spas.

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