NCP Stories: Hear our CEOs’ perspectives on what it’s like to work with North Castle

Recently, we asked a number of our CEOs–both past and present–to share their views on what it is like to work with NCP. From these conversations, we produced a series of short videos that highlight a range of insightful topics, including why entrepreneurs have selected NCP as their partner and how these partnerships come to life on a day-to-day basis.

NCP Perspective from Chip Baird

Chip Baird, NCP’s Founder and CEO, discusses the founding constructs of North Castle. Specifically, how our mission of “Value & Values” has shaped North Castle’s vision of “Full Potential Partnerships” and how we seek to engage with CEOs, founders and entrepreneurs.

Full Potential Partnerships

NCP CEOs share their perspectives regarding how North Castle approaches partnership and how this relationship comes to life in all aspects of their business.

NCP CEOs Discuss Value & Values

NCP is driven by our unwavering belief that a successful private equity team can create exceptional value while living and operating by a set of core values.  NCP CEOs share their stories on what Value & Values means and how this impacts our partnerships.

What it’s Like to Work with Us

Building great companies and creating exceptional results starts with a partnership based on trust, mutual respect, open communication and shared vision/responsibility. NCP CEOs–current and past–discuss what it’s like to work with the North Castle team to grow their businesses and realize their visions.

Why Entrepreneurs Choose NCP

Choosing a partner is one of the most important decisions any founder, CEO or entrepreneur will ever make. Our CEOs share their insights into why entrepreneurs choose North Castle.

Business as a Force for Good

Business can represent a powerful force for change. In addition to creating value for shareholders, business can serve as a catalyst for making the world a better place. NCP CEOs share their stories and perspectives relating to this important topic.

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