Glow Recipe is a clean, fruit-forward, clinically effective skincare line, co-founded by beauty industry veterans Sarah Lee and Christine Chang in 2014. Glow Recipe’s award-winning, Korean beauty-inspired skincare line pairs antioxidant-rich fruit with gentle yet powerful actives to treat skin based on its daily changing needs. Since inception, the company has been focused on providing first-to-market innovations, paired with education to empower consumers to bring out their glow and embrace real skin acceptance. In addition to innovative, efficacious formulations, Glow Recipe has built an incredible community of Gen Z and Millennial consumers that are aligned with the brand’s core pillars of inclusivity, individuality and sustainability. The company has received extensive press coverage and accolades for their market leadership, social community and beauty content in global media outlets such as Forbes, WWD, Vogue, Fortune & ABC’s Shark Tank. Glow Recipe was part of CNBC’s Upstart 100 List and has received industry honors including Allure’s Best of Beauty, CEW’s Female Founders Award, Most Engaged Brand Community at the Glossy Beauty Awards, and Best Social Media of the Year at the Beauty Independent Beacon Awards.